We recently released our 25th episode of the Wild Business Growth Podcast and it got us thinking what a special journey it’s been so far. It’s been incredible connecting with so many amazing people – from startup founders to social media influencers to marketing executives to TV stars – and finding out what makes them tick!

One of the areas we discuss with every single podcast guest is creativity – specifically, what they do to stay creative. As you can imagine, the most common answer is reading books. So, we considered it our duty to round up all the books mentioned so far so you can dive into any that pique your curiosity! The list below is organized into 3 groups: Business Books, Non-Business Books, and Books Written by Wild Business Growth Podcast Guests. Each book listed links out to Amazon and also notes the podcast guest(s) who recommended the book. The first 2 groups are in alphabetical order by book title, and the 3rd group is in numerical order by episode.

Alrighty… enjoy the reading list, and stay tuned for future installments of creativity drivers such as podcasts, travel destinations, TV shows, movies, and more!

Business Books Entrepreneurs Markers Creativity Hippo Direct

Business Books Entrepreneurs & Marketers Read to Unleash Creativity

This 1st group of books is going to shock you: business people find business books pretty helpful! Here are the top business books mentioned by Wild Business Growth Podcast guests:

Non-Business Books Entrepreneurs Marketers Creativity Hippo Direct

Non-Business Books Entrepreneurs & Marketers Read to Unleash Creativity

Many times entrepreneurs and marketers find creative inspiration from books outside their industry – or even another planet! The below books include fiction, biographies, children’s books, how-to guides, and more:

Books Entrepreneurs Marketers Creativity Wild Business Growth Podcast Guests

Business & Creativity Books Written by Wild Business Growth Podcast Guests

Last but not least, here are the extraordinary works by our podcast guests! These guests have written or been featured in these amazing books on the topics of content marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, podcasting, and more:

How do I start a podcast?

Enjoy the reading list? And enjoy podcasts? If you’ve been soaking up podcasts more and more, you might be thinking: wouldn’t it be cool if I had a podcast of my own? You’ve come to the right place – we’d love to help you out! Email me at max@hippodirect.com with questions on any part of the podcasting process:

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We’d love to start out with a free 30-minute consultation and provide some helpful resources that have been instrumental in getting the Wild Business Growth Podcast up and rolling and connecting with the high-quality guests mentioned above. We love making your podcast the best it can be. Let your podcast Run Wild!

Stay tuned for a new Wild Business Growth Podcast every single Wednesday morning! And keep an eye out for future installments that include more creativity drivers for entrepreneurs and marketers, such as podcasts, travel destinations, TV shows, and more. Let us know any guests you’d like to see on the show and follow along for your favorite marketing tips, business tips, and podcasts on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn, or YouTube. Sign up for the Hippo Digest email newsletter for your Weekly Recap of Creative Marketing. Let your business Run Wild…and Bring on the Bongos!!