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What is the Wild Business Growth Podcast?

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Episode #8: Danielle Dardashti – Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Founder of dash.

Danielle Dardashti, the Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer, Founder of dash. Branded Content, and Queen of Content Marketing joins the show to share her journey with Content Marketing – before it was even called Content Marketing! I was introduced to Danielle through my former Marketing VP Lora after she saw our 2nd guest Brendan’s LinkedIn post and realized how perfect of a fit Danielle would be for the show. Danielle is a legend in the content marketing space and was even named “One of 100 Significant Women” in advertising worldwide by the Native Advertising Institute in Copenhagen. She has rockstar clients, including Greencard Pictures who was kind enough to host our recording session in their studio. This episode covers everything from Danielle’s experience producing hard-hitting documentaries to her favorite mind-blowing content brands. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • How her unique childhood now benefits her professional career
  • What hard-hitting topics her documentaries covered
  • Why building a business is like an art project
  • The importance of staying open-minded in problem-solving
  • Why storytelling is everything in marketing and life
  • What book she’s currently reading that’s rocking her world
  • Her favorite brands that are dominating content marketing right now
  • Why the ocean is an incredible force and metaphor for life and business

Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn or at danielle@dashbrandedcontent.com and her business at dashbrandedcontent.com.

Enjoy the show! Check out the show notes below for much more detail.

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • Documentaries
    • [5:12] What topics she covered in the documentaries
    • [5:25] Discovery Education, Discovery Health, Newborn Channel, ABC
    • [6:38] The motivation behind the documentaries
    • [6:45] Documentary example – School Attendance
    • [8:05] Documentary example – Cell Phones & Driving
    • [8:25] How the ball gets rolling on these stories
    • [8:59] Google, Yahoo!, AskJeeves
    • [9:25] Documentary example – Drunk Driving **sensitive material**
    • [10:22] Shattered **sensitive material**
    • [10:50] Where the programming is used now
    • [11:20] What Danielle was doing before its time
    • [11:38] What an integrated marketing campaign looked like back then
    • [11:49] VHS
    • [12:12] 3/4″ video tapes, 8-track tapes
  • Unleashing Creativity
    • [12:35] How big a part creativity plays in Danielle’s everyday life
    • [13:06] Why building a business is like an art project
    • [13:30] Importance of being open-minded in problem-solving
    • [13:50] Thinking with no boundaries
    • [14:45] Impact of her childhood on her professional career
    • [15:40] The incredible (intangible) gift her parents gave her
    • [16:15] How many different states she’s lived in
    • [16:30] Browns didn’t lose in Week 1
    • [16:54] How much the content marketing industry has been changing
    • [17:46] What Danielle’s family was doing that caused them to move around so much
    • [18:11] The von Trapps
  • Inspiration: People, Hobbies, and Resources
  • Wild Business Shoutout of the Week
  • Rapid Fire Q&A

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