Let your business RUN WILD

Run Wild. It’s not just about speed. It’s about allowing yourself and your business to grow and embrace change. Giving your business the ability to innovate and experiment with new tactics, segments, and strategies.

At Hippo Direct, we’re 100% focused on helping you build your business to new heights. We’ll work tirelessly to grow your customer base and get your message across via whatever channels work best for you – from direct mail, to email, to social media. Allow your business to grow.
Let your business RUN WILD!

Direct Mail Lists

Find the perfect list to reach your target customers.

List Ordering Made Easy

Use an existing list or let us create a custom list for you.


Email Lists

Find the perfect list and optimize your message.

Nail Your Email Campaign

Find new customers and improve results from your emails.


Digital Marketing

Grow your social media presence with targeted results.

Boost Your Business Online

Explore our digital marketing services and free tools.


How can we help you grow your business?

Simple – we help you connect with new customers. We started in 1992 as a catalog of fundraising books and effectively pivoted over time to seize the innovative marketing opportunities brought on by new technology. We take pride in our entrepreneur roots and have remained both a family business and small business for over 25 years. We strive to be Fun, Friendly, and FAST with everything we do. These days, we liken ourselves to a “Three-Headed Hippo Monster” specializing in Direct Mail Lists, Email Lists, and Digital Marketing. Click the links above to find out more on each of our specialties.

27+ years of helping businesses like yours find new customers.
Let your business RUN WILD

Helping Businesses Find New Customers