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Fast, Personalized Service Across Channels – The Hippo Direct Difference

Small Company = Better Service
There are no “assistants” at Hippo Direct. When you work with us, you work directly and exclusively with a veteran list or digital professional. We clearly communicate counts, pricing, strategic ideas, and other details regarding your projects. When a decision needs to be made that matters to you, it happens quickly.

Family Business = Simplicity
We began and continue to thrive into the 2nd generation as a 100% family business. As such, we don’t waste any time with corporate politics and red tape. For each one of us at Hippo Direct, the bottom line is always “what can we do to grow YOUR business?”

Fast > Faster >> Fastest
One of the benefits of being small is that we can move FAST! If you need list information, direct marketing recommendations, or digital consulting, we can quickly help you. For lists we manage, we can even send the list to you on the same day your order is received.

30+ years of helping businesses like yours find new customers.
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Helping Businesses Find New Customers