Email Mailing Lists

ADA Dentists Mailing Lists for Each Career Stage

ADA Dentists mailing lists from Hippo Direct allow you to reach dentists at each stage of their career and market to them according to their experience.

Introducing Our Email Newsletter – The Hippo Digest

Today marks Issue #1 of the Hippo Digest for our email subscribers! The Hippo Digest is your Weekly Recap of Creative Marketing.

Introducing Our New Website!

Today, we’re SUPER excited to reveal the launch of the new Hippo Direct website!!! Here's a rundown of our new marketing services and updated branding.

You Have 2 Seconds to Capture Your Prospect’s Attention

Snap your fingers. That’s how long your prospects will spend reading your email subject line. If you don’t include words which show a clear benefit to them, you’re wasting most of the money you spend on email marketing.

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Share Your Work with Colleagues Before Clients

Include your colleagues for another set of eyes and fresh perspective, even when they’re not involved in your project. Share your work to improve teamwork and catch mistakes before they affect your client.

Direct Marketing Classics: Herschell Gordon Lewis

The copywriting and direct mail marketing lessons from Herschell Gordon Lewis still apply today. Get better results from your marketing with great copywriting.

How to Generate More Revenue from Webinar Marketing

Webinars are an effective tool to share your marketing expertise, stimulate meaningful discussion, and improve the awareness and credibility of your brand. Here's a checklist of tips to consider when marketing your webinar, from name creation to email list refining.