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Hippo Direct Entrepreneurship Podcast Competition

The Hippo Direct Entrepreneurship Podcast Competition is for college Entrepreneurship students to create the best business podcast concept. Winners will receive a FREE podcasting package worth $1,000.

Why Direct Mail Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan Now

Why should any marketer in this digital age use direct mail lists? Because no other marketing medium combines the ability to target customers and have your message reliably delivered in an easily viewed manner.

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Meet the Artisans Who Modernized Direct Marketing

A group of vagabonds from the advertising and journalism worlds used clever words and tactics to fuel hypergrowth that resulted in the trillion dollar industry we now call Direct Marketing. Learn detailed descriptions of the marketing strategies which worked best for them in the Hippo Direct Marketing Classics Library.

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How to Overcome Business Adversity

If you’re in business long enough, you’ll need to overcome real adversity. You can whine and quit. Or, you can use the changes and the newly unleashed staff time to create energy for new projects and revenue streams.

Creative Marketing Innovation is a Team Effort

To improve our creative marketing and innovation we started weekly one hour staff meetings. Because of our team-based approach to new ideas, we’ve greatly increased our reach on social media, and are experiencing major growth in the quality and quantity of new business inquiries.

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How This Business Owner Can Work From The Beach

I enjoy the freedom of total work mobility. Here are the tools which I use to stay connected to clients, staff, and critical information without being trapped in the office. Sometimes I even work from the beach!

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ADA Dentists Mailing Lists for Each Career Stage

ADA Dentists mailing lists from Hippo Direct allow you to reach dentists at each stage of their career and market to them according to their experience.

Wild Business Growth Plan to Quadruple Sales

To achieve the kind of wild business growth which quadruples your sales, you'll need to implement these strategic planning ideas. Learn how to get more results from your computers, your people, and your money.

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