According to Litmus Email Analytics, nearly half the people who read your email message will read it in less than 8 seconds. This means you need to tell them what you want in the first paragraph in order to get a response.

This applies to both promotional email campaigns sent to customers and prospects, and to the email messages which you write to individuals.

Tips for Getting More Response from Your Emails

  1. Write like a news summary or Google search description, where your first paragraph describes the reason for your message and tells the recipient what you want them to do.
  1. Use subsequent paragraphs and images to further explain your main ideas.
  1. Don’t write story problems which look like an SAT test. Instead, use bullet points or numbering to clearly identify your different subjects and desired actions.
  1. Use bold or underlined fonts in subheads and to draw attention to the most important points.
  1. If your message is longer than a few paragraphs, restate your desired action in a final paragraph.

The most important point: You’ve got just a few seconds for most people to read and understand your email messages. Tell them what action you want in the first paragraph in order to improve your response.