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Imagine marketing your dental practice so well, you get featured in a #1 New York Times Bestseller!

That’s exactly what happened with this week’s Wild Business Growth podcast guest, Dr. Chithra Durgam! Dr. Durgam made “going to the dentist” FUN by creating buzz with funny and entertaining videos on Musical.ly and Instagram. She caught the attention of mega digital entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (aka GaryVee), who included her story in his #1 New York Times Bestseller Crushing It!

Listen to the awesome episode to hear how Dr. Durgam found her inspiration for social media, how her business success led to partnerships with GaryVee and Snoop Dogg, and her advice for any dentist or marketer in today’s world. Hear the episode on iTunes and your other favorite audio platforms – and subscribe and leave a 5-star review if you enjoyed Dr. Durgam’s story!

Now for some more creative marketing highlights from the past week!

Wild Business Growth Podcast - Presented by Hippo Direct

What happened in the creative marketing world last week?

  • Talk about a campaign that sticks! Reese’s is gaining traction with their tasty #NotSorry campaign (MediaPost)
  • Chipotle turned the online to the mouth-watering offline by creating real-life stickers from their popular Giphy stickers (MediaPost)
  • What’s your favorite holiday movie? You may be able to watch it in the skies if you vote in Delta’s Twitter poll (CNET)
  • Give them a hand! Walmart is developing biometric shopping cart handles that can detect your stress level while shopping (MediaPost)
  • Random Fun of the Week: Whether you believe Bigfoot is real or fake, we believe you’ll enjoy reading about the creature’s history (Popular Mechanics)

Ultimate Dental Sticker

What else happened in the Hippo Direct World last week?

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