Imagine going from getting bullied as a kid to giving TED Talks. That’s the story of this week’s podcast guest, Ryan Foland! Episode #34 of the Wild Business Growth Podcast came in HOT like a cannonball and features the Global Keynote Speaker and Inventor of the 3-1-3 Method for saying more with less. Listen to the episode on iTunes / Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, and your other favorite audio platforms – subscribe and leave a 5-star review if Ryan helped you answer “What do you do?”

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Episode #34: Ryan Foland – Creative TED Talks, Inventor of the 3-1-3 Method

Ryan Foland, the Global Keynote Speaker, TED Talker, Managing Partner of InfluenceTree, and Inventor of the 3-1-3 Method joins the show to share his journey from being bullied as a ginger child to inspiring others through creative speeches. Ryan and I connected over social media and I was curiously intrigued by his 3-1-3 Method and daily stick figure drawings. I then watched his TED Talks and could not stop laughing, while being equally impressed by his ability to share inspiring lessons as super helpful analogies. When I finally reached out about an interview and he expressed a love of Hungry Hungry Hippos, I knew it’d be a fun episode! Ryan is an amazing person and speaker who is as kind and helpful as he is entertaining. This episode covers everything from how he invented the 3-1-3 Method to how improving communication can improve your life. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • How karate and sports can improve your self-confidence
  • Why the only 2 things you can control are your attitude and how you react to things
  • An impromptu 3-1-3 exercise with yours truly as the guinea pig
  • How TED Talks differ from keynote speeches in terms of preparation and presentation
  • Why something as simple as drawing stick figures can increase your creativity
  • The reason why you get good ideas in the shower
  • Why everybody is a public speaker
  • What Ryan’s name would be if he was a pro wrestler

Connect with Ryan at, on Twitter at @RyanFoland, and his podcasts at

Enjoy the show and look UP! Check out the show notes below for much more detail.

Show Notes

  • Intro
  • The 3-1-3 Method
    • [11:37] What is the 3-1-3 Method?
    • [12:23] Say more with less
    • [13:48] The 3-1-3 Show
    • [14:10] The cobbler’s children have no shoes
    • [14:33] Why nobody cares what you do, they care more about the problem you solve
    • [16:27] An impromptu 3-1-3 exercise with yours truly as the guinea pig
    • [17:23] Why you need to make the problem you solve more painful
    • [19:21] Why your problem and solution need to be aligned
    • [20:05] Sentence 1: Problem, Sentence 2: Solution, Sentence 3: Market
    • [21:06] Why you need to have a specific target market
    • [21:50] Down to 1 sentence – 6 different ways
    • [22:13] From 3 sentences, Down to 1 sentence, Down to 3 words
    • [23:55] Hippo Direct is an official mailing list licensee of the American Dental Association (ADA)
    • [24:10] Find the perfect email list from Hippo Direct to find Dentists, Doctors, Nonprofit Executives, and more
    • [24:28] Nerf
    • [24:37] United States Postal Service (USPS)
    • [24:52] Sharpie
    • [26:25] Great example from a previous 3-1-3 Method exercise
    • [28:27] Connect with Hippo Direct at for all your mailing list, email list, digital marketing, and podcasting needs
  • Giving TED Talks and Drawing Stick Figures
  • Inspiration & Creativity: People, Hobbies, and Resources
  • Wild Business Shoutout of the Week
    • [48:58] Ditch the Act Twitter account
    • [49:55] Why social media doesn’t sell, you need to develop a community
    • [50:18] The Wizard of Oz
    • [50:41] Where Ryan and Leonard came up with the idea to create a Twitter account for the book
  • Rapid-Fire Q&A
    • [51:53] Ginger Grant from Gilligan’s Island
    • [52:09] Why gingers are called gingers
    • [52:24] Ryan’s favorite dance moves
    • [53:59] Why starting your answers with the word “um” hurts your image
    • [54:35] Why silence is better than the word “um”
    • [55:03] The Ginger Cannon!
    • [55:47] Connect with Ryan at, on Twitter at @RyanFoland, and his podcasts at
    • [55:25] Check out Ryan’s podcasts and shows World of Speakers, ScaleUp Heroes, The 313 Show
    • [57:05] Why everybody is a public speaker
    • [57:25] Ryan’s final thoughts
    • [57:34] Why you should choose your thoughts wisely
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    • Theme music: Freestyle Percussion Magik – Jungle Tribe – provided by Jamendo

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