As a direct marketing entrepreneur the past 30 years, I’ve assisted clients with an evolving range of marketing campaigns using postal mailing lists, email lists, and digital marketing services. While the new technology and marketing methods are exciting, sometimes it’s worthwhile to revisit the old school low-cost startup ideas – such as business cards.

Why Business Cards?

The business card has fallen out of fashion in the modern marketing world of emails, social media and texting. However, it remains a very cost-effective way to communicate marketing messages to potential clients. And it has a nearly 100% open and view rate!

We recently bought new business cards which reflect our new branding and staff positions. It’s amazing how much energy a new business card can inject into a veteran workforce. To capitalize on this momentum, each person in the company is getting new business cards so they can participate in new business development, regardless of their primary role.

There’s an almost limitless use of business cards for marketing purposes. During the past week I’ve seen them used to:

* Inform grocery shoppers of the new dentist and her nearby dental office
* Promote a series of music concerts at a community park
* Tell restaurant patrons about home improvement and repair services
* Remind bar guests of the attorney to call if they need legal services

Low-Cost and Effective Marketing Tool

Many companies offer low-cost business cards online. We purchased ours from VistaPrint at just $9.99 for 500 business cards.

At less than 2 cents per card, this is an incredibly inexpensive way to share your marketing message with new clients.

Create some new business cards soon to provide that low-cost marketing energy boost!