The social media world can be pretty scary. Not as scary as the billboard that just went up outside my apartment (see picture at the bottom of this post), but pretty scary nonetheless. That’s why we’re launching this fright-free edition of Digital Marketing Tips – just in time for Halloween! You can expect fresh social media growth inspiration every single month from our own social media marketing experiences. We share these to make social media less scary for you, whether it’s October or any other month. Here are the Digital Marketing Tips from September 2018:


  • You can target Facebook Ads to Job Titles. This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of the titles are pretty general, i.e. Marketing Officer, Corporate Lawyer, Staff Accountant, etc. You may not reach who you want, considering how much titles vary from job-to-job. We’ve had much more success targeting based on Custom Audiences and even Interest Groups that are more relevant. Running an ad relevant to a particular company? Targeting by Employer is the best fit for you 


  • Certain hashtags dominate the trending topics on Twitter every week, including #MondayMotivation, #FridayFeeling, and more. It’s okay to include these hashtags in your relevant tweets every now and then, but don’t overdo it. You’ll hurt your authenticity by appearing too hashtag-focused and not audience-focused. Your audience expects originality out of your brand – keep it fresh


  • Instagram videos are some of the most powerful social media posts you can run. There are so many things you can do in 60 seconds, and your video will auto-play in the feed. Instagram videos are changing how people think across industries – head to the 34:12 mark of this GaryVee meeting with Drake Bell to hear how rapper Tierra Whack created a whole album with 60-second songs so she could share the music videos on Instagram

All of the Above

  • With the holiday season coming up, it’s important to remember people will naturally be less engaged with social media as they’re spending more time with family. Keep churning out that content and brightening up their timelines with creative holiday posts, but don’t be discouraged when your posts get lower reach and engagement
  • There will always be spammers on social media – don’t be afraid to report these accounts. When you report an account, it automatically blocks them from following and engaging with your profile, and flags the platform’s support team so they can ban the account. Every time you report a spamming account, you’re saving time for yourself and fellow well-behaved marketers on the platforms

About that billboard I mentioned…

Digital Marketing Tips

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