Who’s ready for the latest and greatest Digital Marketing Tips?? This edition includes tips from July AND August since our August posts mayyy have been heavily focused on launching a certain Wild Business Growth podcast (which you should totally check out). We’re now back to our regularly scheduled programming, and going forward (in addition to the weekly podcast) you can expect fresh social media growth inspiration every single month from our own social media experimenting. Experimenting which does not hibernate by the way, even if the sun decides to. Here are the Digital Marketing Tips from July and August 2018:


  • So someone Likes your business’s post or comment on Facebook but they don’t Like your business page. What a tease! If only there were a button where you could invite them to Like your Facebook page… oh wait! There is – and it’s a super effective way to grow your page. As long as you’re posting and commenting enough with your business account in the first place. It’s a true chicken or the egg type situation
  • Facebook heavily rewards Shares in the News Feed. Anything you can do to earn Shares soon after posting can go a really long way! This includes creating fun, useful, and interactive content (OK I’ll say it: shareable content) and even encouraging friends and members of your team to share posts as soon as you publish them


  • Twitter is the best place to get in the viral conversation. There are so many viral moments happening at all times, we could create a separate 10,000,000 world blog post just listing them. Remember The Dress? Yanny vs. Laurel? #MPRaccoon? Keep a close eye on the trending topics on Twitter until you see something that fits nicely with your brand – then execute! The quicker you jump in the conversation with a clever Tweet, the better chance you have of being seen by a greater audience, improving your brand awareness, and strengthening the perception of your brand. Heck, Wendy’s even just roasted Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost in the middle of their latest game


  • Instagram does a prettayyy prettay cool thing every single weekend called the Weekend Hashtag Project – or #WHP in hashtag form. Check the theme every Friday around 5pm ET to see the task and submission guidelines. For example, #WHPmotion means post something in motion and #WHPperspective means post something from a unique perspective. Even if you didn’t technically post a picture over the weekend, you can comment “#WHP________” on any of your posts you wish to submit, replacing the blank with the weekend’s theme. Any of these posts will be searchable using the hashtag, getting your posts in front of potentially thousands of additional people at no cost. This effect increases the closer you post to the initial hashtag announcement (~5pm ET on Fridays). For extra brownie points, tag @instagram when you comment the hashtag for extra #WHP view potential. Also – it’s FUN! Who doesn’t love a new challenge every week?!
  • Speaking of hashtags, switch up your hashtags in each post to avoid getting the dreaded shadowban, where you’ll have a much harder time getting discovered. It helps to have 3 or 4 different core rotations of hashtags to mix them up. You can save these as Notes in your phone and quickly copy and paste them as a comment once you post. Experiment and find out which hashtags perform better in each post, and consistently do your hashtag research to use the latest and greatest hashtags. And just in case you skipped straight to this paragraph because it’s slightly shorter, you can even use the latest #WHP of the week to get your posts some extra impressions


  • A clever way to help out and get your services out there: When you see a job posting on LinkedIn, message the contact and see if there’s any way to help out their business in the time of transition. Even if it may be a short-term arrangement, it can provide some mutually beneficial value for both parties, and reflect super positively on your brand. This can work with recruiters who message you as well, even if they initially take it as the best curveball since Sandy Koufax

All of the Above

  • We’ve mentioned previously how emoji-friendly Instagram is – well the other platforms are too, even LinkedIn! Emojis continue to become more and more mainstream, so let loose those crying laughing, shocked face, and even boxing glove emojis!

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