To improve our creative marketing and innovation we started weekly one hour staff meetings. The main goal was to create a recurring time for everyone to share ideas on how to improve our business.

At the start, many of the new ideas focused on business process and tweaks to our marketing communications. Later, as everyone became more comfortable collaborating, the pace and scope of innovation accelerated.

In just the past 6 months we have reached a much wider audience of business marketers with new launches in a number of areas:

* Rebranding of company slogan and marketing images
* Hundreds of new social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
* New website
* New blog
* New Hippo Digest weekly email newsletter
* New Wild Business Growth Podcast
* Adding chat to our website
* Enhanced SEO software

We’ve greatly increased our reach on social media, and are poised for more explosive gains as the podcast rolls out. We’re already seeing major growth in the quality and quantity of new client inquiries.

And more change is just around the corner: Webinars, Enhanced Databases, and more!

This innovation is the direct result of a team-based approach to new ideas. We’re not the only company to benefit from team innovation. A recent Wall Street Journal article explains why companies who welcome ideas from all employees grow faster.