What’s it like running a top ad agency in NYC?

Hear from this week’s Wild Business Growth podcast guest, Scott Gelber! Scott is the President at Merkley+Partners, a highly-awarded full-service ad agency in the Big Apple. He started at Merkley back in 2001 as a Media Planner and was most recently Chief Digital Officer before being named the agency’s first-ever President last February!

Listen to the super cool episode to hear how Scott has achieved so much success at Merkley, the pros and cons of working at an ad agency, and what you can do outside of work to stay creative. Hear the episode on iTunes and your other favorite audio platforms – and subscribe and leave a 5-star review if Scott has your ideas flowing!

Now for some more creative marketing highlights from the past week!

Hippo Digest Direct Creative Marketing Advertising

What happened in the creative marketing world last week?

  • Shutterstock is running its first marketing campaign in 6 years to prove “It’s Not Stock, It’s Shutterstock” (MediaPost)
  • Would you watch an NBA game and only look at 1 player? Twitter thinks so (Recode)
  • More details are coming out about that super-viral FIJI model from the Golden Globes (The Drum)
  • WeWork is rebranding as The We Company ahead of potential entrance into new industries (CNBC)
  • You won’t believe how much Candy Crush still makes per day (Variety)
  • Random Fun of the Week: Travel buff? Here are 52 places to go this year (The New York Times)

Hippo Direct Digest Wild Business Growth Podcast

What else happened in the Hippo Direct World last week?

  • Listen to Episode 25 of the Wild Business Growth podcast featuring Rob & Kennedy – Hypnotist & Mind Reader, Co-Founders of ResponseSuite
    • Try out ResponseSuite for free by going to ResponseSuiteDeal.com/Wild/ – You’ll get a free 14-day trial, onboarding call with Rob & Kennedy, and survey marketing masterclass!
  • Is direct mail a part of your marketing mix? It should be! It can have open rates up to 100%, as Hippo Tip #71 reinforced
  • GAME ON!! You’ll love the Hippo Hat Trick
  • Miss last week’s Hippo Digest? Catch up on the creative marketing Walmart, Dunkin’, Cars.com, and more conceived

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