How do hypnotism and mind reading translate to business?

You’d be surprised! Learn the secrets from this week’s Wild Business Growth podcast guests, Rob & Kennedy from ResponseSuite! The dynamic British duo founded ResponseSuite with a focus on surveys and email marketing and have unique skills from their personal passions – Rob is a Hypnotist and Kennedy is a Mind Reader!

Listen to the 2nd British episode in as many weeks to hear how email marketing can fuel your business growth, the appeal of surveys in marketing, and even tips on hypnotism and mind reading! Hear the episode on iTunes and your other favorite audio platforms – and subscribe and leave a 5-star review if Rob & Kennedy made you chuckle!

Now for some more creative marketing highlights from the past week!

Hippo Digest Direct Wild Business Growth Podcast

What happened in the creative marketing world last week?

  • Walmart won the Golden Globes with this nostalgia-filled spot that highlights their grocery pickup service (Fast Company)
  • Dunkin’ is officially just Dunkin’ and you can celebrate on social media with their funny content (Marketing Dive)
  • is having crazy success on Facebook Marketplace (Mobile Marketer)
  • Chipotle is offering special bowls for dieters you can only find on their website and app (CNBC)
  • You can’t help but smile at the best print, outdoor, design, and experiential campaigns of 2018 (Ad Age)
  • Random Fun of the Week: Can you believe this AI-created portrait sold for over $400,000?! (American Scientist)

Hippo Direct Digest Wild Business Growth Podcast

What else happened in the Hippo Direct World last week?

  • Listen to Episode 24 of the Wild Business Growth podcast featuring Sara Stark – Top UK Restaurant Marketer, Creativity at Dishoom
  • Are you taking advantage of the networking capabilities of social media? It’s never too late to start, as Hippo Tip #70 demonstrated
  • We hope you had a Happy New Year! Make 2019 the best one yet
  • Miss last week’s Hippo Digest? Get wild with the creative marketing American Greetings, The Zebra, Bird, and more whipped up

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