What does Cleveland have to do with marketing agencies?

A whole lot!! Meet the latest Wild Business Growth Podcast guests, Carrie Reagh and Patric Fransko! Carrie runs Social Mint and Patric runs Eye Magnet Management, both based in Chagrin Falls, OH – a beautiful suburb of Cleveland. This very special Cleveland roundtable edition was recorded at Patric’s office and was the first time I’ve interviewed 2 guests from 2 different companies at the same time.

Listen to the rockin’ episode to hear how Carrie and Patric built their brands, the most exciting trends in the marketing and social media worlds, and what they love so much about Cleveland (I hear that!). Hear the episode on Apple Podcasts and your other favorite audio platforms – and subscribe and leave a 5-star review if you enjoyed the double trouble episode!

Now for some more creative marketing highlights from the past week:

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What happened in the creative marketing world last week?

  • eBay has the real Alexa and she’s not a fan of Amazon Prime Day (MarketWatch)
  • Off-Road Kitchen Challenge.” You read that right! Thanks to Glad Press’n Seal and Grace Helbig (Marketing Dive)
  • Sharks on a Plane?? Southwest Airlines is going all out for Shark Week (MediaPost)
  • Nothing to see here, Metallica is releasing a children’s book (The Guardian)
  • Random Fun of the Week: Try watching this “T-Rex Race” without laughing prehistorically (npr)

Wild Business Growth Podcast #52 Carrie Reagh & Patric Fransko - Social Mint & Eye Magnet Management

What else happened in the Hippo Direct World last week?

  • Listen to Episode 51 of the Wild Business Growth Podcast featuring Howard Shear – Family Business, Lakeside Laundry Equipment & A.L.L. Laundry Service
  • Here’s how you can extend your beach vacation and get back to work at the same time
  • In a creative rut? Jam out! Demonstrated in Hippo Tip #101
  • Speaking of Cleveland…can you say all-star status?!
  • Miss the previous Hippo Digest? Test drive the creative marketing Veloz, Urban Decay, the MLB, and more knocked out of the park

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