Happy National Hippo Day!!! Celebrate with Hippo Trivia!

Would you believe today is our favorite day of the year at Hippo Direct?! For 27 years, hippos have meant the world to our brand, and today we want to celebrate with YOU!

First, listen to this special National Hippo Day audio message!


Then, have some hysterical hippo fun with the Hippo Trivia questions below (source: National Geographic Kids). Challenge your family, friends, and especially your neighborhood hippo enthusiast. Have a wonderful day – OH, and scroll down to the bottom when
you’re ready to check out the answers. Hip-hippo hooray!!

We’re giving away Hippo Direct Swag Packs. For your chance to win, send a note to max@hippodirect.com with the answers to the trivia questions below!  

  1. How many minutes can a hippo hold its breath underwater?
  2. How many MPH can a hippo run?
  3. How many pounds of grass can a hippo eat per night?
  4. How many feet long can a hippo grow to?

Hippo Direct National Hippo Day Hippo Trivia

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Have a HAPPY NATIONAL HIPPO DAY!!! Aaaaaaand…check out the trivia answers below, in the same order as the questions:

(5, 30, 150, 15)

Stay Hip!
Let your business Run Wild