April showers bring…more Digital Marketing Tips! We’re back the freshest social media growth inspiration this side of MySpace. New tips are cooked up each month straight out of our own social media kitchen. Here are the Digital Marketing Tips for April 2018:


  • On a paid post, 7-day flights have more steady performance than a 1-day blast, and are more likely to be seen multiple times by viewers
  • When choosing a target audience, you can get similar results while narrowing the age range…as long as it’s not too narrow. For example, if you wanted to target people who work in the Social Media field, your spend could be more efficient by targeting 25-30 year-olds as opposed to the larger range of 25-45 year-olds. But don’t go too narrow – targeting only 25 year-olds will likely yield poor results as the pool is too small (and no one likes a small pool)
  • If you’re posting a blog link and for some reason the image doesn’t load properly – don’t fear! You can still post without the image. Facebook will use the header logo from your website as the image
  • Custom Audiences are an effective way to bridge offline and online marketing. You can upload a customer list – including email and/or direct mail information – then target those same customers on Facebook! It’s a great way to support your email and direct mail campaigns. Currently, there is one catch – you can’t see reach estimates before running ads due to a discovered vulnerability with the feature – but everything else still works as usual
  • Facebook Pixel is a great tool that can be easily installed to your site through a WordPress plugin. It allows you to retarget your website visitors on Facebook and also create lookalike audiences based on similar characteristics


  • Use emojis in your captions to draw more attention to posts and make them more playful. This works for comments as well. Choose your emojis wisely to stand out from the crowd. And if you use the winky emoji, please, please don’t pair it with a suggestive comment
  • Instagram is filled with a ton of influencers – in fact it’s by far their preferred platform. Partnering with influencers is becoming a more and more important marketing tactic for creating brand awareness and expanding your audience. You can often reach them directly through Direct Messages (go figure) however you’ll need to be smart with your interaction since they get proposals 24/7. If you’re interested in collaborating with influencers, find a sweet spot with the size of their following – not too huge but big enough to make an impact. Ask how you can help them as opposed to going all sales-pitchy right away (in which case you may be better off deleting your account)


  • When sharing a blog post, posting with multiple hashtags helps improve performance. Our LinkedIn posts with two hashtags typically perform better than those with just one or none. Our Webinar Marketing blog post had one of the highest engagement rates of any of our LinkedIn shares, in part due to the use of the hashtags #Webinar and #Marketing

All of the above

  • Test how posts, profile pics, and cover photos look on both desktop and mobile. They may look perfect on your laptop screen but the words are half cut-off on your smartphone. This could be real unfortunate depending on your word choice. Doesn’t hurt to measure twice, cut once

If you enjoyed these Digital Marketing Tips, you’ll love our Digital Marketing Classroom where I cover relevant topics in much more detail. Check back next month for more new tips. In the meantime, come join in the social media fun (and puns) with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Keep hitting that social media gym!