I enjoy the freedom of total work mobility. During the past decade, I’ve travelled frequently and worked from many countries while staying current on work projects. Sometimes, I’ll even work from the beach!

Here are the tools I use to stay connected to clients, staff, and critical information without being trapped in the office. All are usable on any computer or smartphone.

Cloud-Based Software:

Computer Tools and Services:

  • Verizon Jetpack for my personal WiFi
  • Grasshopper virtual phone service with voice messaging
  • CamScanner to scan documents from cell phone
  • Online database service with details on 60,000+ mailing lists and email lists

My goal is to eventually spend just 20% of work time in the office and 80% from wherever I want to be. Some folks call this concept the “Work From Anywhere” lifestyle.

To see how close you are to achieving total business mobility, work outside for one full day. You’ll learn which, if any, tools you need to add to your work life.