Most companies spend hours on hours churning out original content as part of their content marketing strategy. While there are many rules of thumb (or is it rule of thumbs?) to producing compelling content, there’s one principle that’s extremely important: make your content visual.

Why Produce Visual Content?

Visuals are the bee’s knees. There are a few key reasons to include images, videos, GIFs, and infographics in your content:

  • It’s quicker to process pictures than words. This is essential in a world where everyone’s competing for attention
  • Pictures are easier to remember than text. Think of all your memories – they are overwhelmingly visual-based
  • Consumers are accustomed to looking at visuals all day on social media. Look at the humongous size of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat

How Do I Produce Visual Content?

A Visual Marketing Checklist is a super helpful place to start – check out the below infographic from Clear Sky Images:

Visual Marketing Checklist from Clear Sky Images

It doesn’t matter what sort of content marketing you’re doing – make it visual. Adding an infographic to your blog post, a GIF to your tweet, or a video on Instagram can make your content far more memorable and impactful to your consumers.

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