If you’re thinking May was a whole season ago, you’re absolutely right. But that’s not going to stop us from getting these May Digital Marketing Tips out before July! We’re back with the latest and greatest social media growth inspiration since the Harlem Shake (ahh what a time). New tips are introduced each month straight out of our social media la-bor-atory. Here are the Digital Marketing Tips from May 2018:


  • After running a split test, Facebook tells you the winner but you need vastly different audience sets to see a noticeable difference in results. 25-year-old Tim Ferriss fans vs. 26-year-old Tim Ferriss fans won’t do the trick, even if you’re Tim Ferriss
  • When running a website traffic ad with a smaller spend, optimize ad delivery for “Link Clicks” instead of “Impressions”. It’s a more efficient spend for the clicks you seek


  • Find your sweet spot for number of relevant hashtags to use in each tweet. When chosen wisely, 3 hashtags can lead to many more impressions than 2 hashtags – but too many can be terribly spammy. Try to look at this tweet without wishing for hashtags to disappear forever!
  • Participating in Twitter Chats greatly helps to get your page discovered. The chats encourage interaction among participants and can give your following quite the boost


  • Instagram changes their algorithm more than Brett Favre changed his mind on retirement. Hashtag feeds are now more personalized and more likely to feature top posts from accounts you’ve previously engaged with – you should still engage with them, but the reality is everyone may not be seeing the same top posts anymore. Additionally, when viewing comments on huge celebrity and influencer accounts, you’ll notice the first comments you see are from verified accounts or comments that earned the most likes – as opposed to being purely based on chronological order. Make the most of this by engaging with the top relevant comments


  • LinkedIn keeps adding more and more ad formats. If running a Sponsored Video ad, pay careful attention to the required specs – your ad won’t run if it doesn’t meet the guidelines. On that note, Convertio is an amazing file type converter if you run into any issues
  • If you recently set up a LinkedIn ad account, you’ve probably received one or several emails offering free advertising credits. The best part about these is you don’t have to use them in just the ad format called out in the email – just go to your billing section, enter the code, and the coupon can be applied to any sponsorship you want
  • When running ads, test a couple different bid amounts to determine what works better for your campaign. In our experience, we’ve actually seen lower bids perform better in both impressions AND clicks than our higher bids. Can’t always judge a book by its cover

All of the Above

  • If you’re like us and “too nice for your own good,” you’ve probably noticed you’re following people back at a much higher rate than your followers are actually sticking around. Best thing you can do is perform your due diligence on any account before following back in the first place. But if your “Following” count is looking preeeetty hefty, it doesn’t hurt to do a purge every few months of any irrelevant accounts that have clearly tricked you with the old “I’m just following you so follow me back then I unfollow you” trick
  • On Twitter & Instagram, you have one opportunity to include a URL in your bio – make it count! As an alternative to your standard website home page link, you could link out to your latest blog post or any free resources you have. This helps drive more traffic, ensures people know you’re active, and proves you’re devoted to being content-first as a company
  • Brownie points to those who ask questions and start conversations in comments – as opposed to “Nice post.” Thanks for painting a picture, Mr. Hemingway!

If you got a kick out of these Digital Marketing Tips, you’ll get more frequent kicks out of our brand new Hippo Digest – Your Weekly Recap of Creative Marketing. Also be sure to explore our new website for all the new marketing services we’ve been developing to help you grow. As always, there will be new Digital Marketing Tips next month. In the meantime, come say hi on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Keep those phones charged peeps!