Warning: After reading these star-spangled brand new Digital Marketing Tips, you’ll be that much closer to tomorrow’s fireworks! We’re back with the latest and greatest social media growth inspiration since T. Boone Pickens mic dropped Drake on Twitter. New tips are introduced each month from our own social media experiences, and definitely not from our Westworld hosts. Here are the Digital Marketing Tips from June 2018:


  • Visual content such as GIFs and videos is known to perform better vs. static images on Facebook, and this proves true vs. link posts (linking out to a blog post) as well. You can expect reach to be much higher with GIF/Video than a link post when targeting the same group. That being said, reach isn’t everything, so experiment with target groups that bring in the most link clicks for your blog posts


  • Oh, hashtag games. Can’t tweet with ’em, can’t tweet without ’em. You can easily tell when hashtag games are happening because you’ll notice a very unusual or funny prompt trending. Exhibit A: #ExcuseForBeingLateIn4Words. No matter how silly, hashtag games are a great opportunity to get your name out there and show off your wit in a funny conversation. As long as you stay on brand


  • A lot of influencers do Q&A in their Stories. Submitting good questions is a great way to build brand awareness and credibility
  • You can use up to 30 hashtags on your posts but don’t have to use that much. Whatever amount you choose, keep them hidden in a comment on your own post with 5 line breaks so it’s more visually friendly. Unless your audience loves pound signs
  • What better way to keep an organized bio than using emojis as bullets (view this one on your phone if you’re not already)
  • Instagram engagement groups – have to bring these up, but they’re a very dangerous game. They are direct message (DM) groups of several accounts that agree to comment and like each others posts to hack the algorithm. This can improve post performance at the start, but danger danger – rumors keep picking up of Instagram penalizing accounts found in these groups and limiting the ability for their posts to be searchable on hashtag pages


  • Your ad won’t run if your audience is too targeted. For example, a potential audience of 400 members could be deemed too small, and LinkedIn won’t deliver the ad. Broad targeting works better for engagement. Our 30-20-10 Connection blog share had our best reach yet after utilizing a target audience pool of 15,000+ members

All of the Above

  • Get creative with the words used for your call-to-action when sharing out your blog on social media. As a reader, there’s only so many times you can see “Check out the link” before desperately wanting to not “Check out the link”

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