We’re back with another installment of Digital Marketing Tips – your destination for monthly social media growth inspiration! New tips are hot off the press each month from our own experience building social media pages. Here are the Digital Marketing Tips for March 2018:


  • Having weekly scheduled “Chats” on twitter is a great way to create engagement and conversation. You can pick a topic of your choice and easily be the host and moderator, all through Twitter! Social media expert Madalyn Sklar has a phenomenal list of the top social media and marketing Twitter chats, and she updates it regularly
  • It’s a frustrating trend, but there are a ridiculous amount of bots and automated accounts. Fortunately, Twitter has made serious efforts to crack down on fake followers. The best way to tell if a Twitter account is automated or fake is by checking their “Tweets & Replies” tab – if there aren’t any personalized tweets to other accounts, there’s a good chance they are fake or using automation software. Stay away – unless you like talking to a wall!
  • Reply to tweets with GIFs to use more humor and create engagement. Twitter has a seemingly endless amount of GIFs to choose from for any imaginable scenario – we personally can’t get enough of the Michael Scott selection
  • While we’re talking about GIFs – and not acknowledging the debate about how they’re pronounced – Twitter makes it easy to upload and tweet our your own GIFs like you would with any photo or video. Just make sure your GIFs are well below the maximum file size. Sometimes you need to make the file size even smaller than their requirements so you don’t get the dreaded error message when you upload
  • We’ve posted about how useful it can be to have social media test pages. This works very well on Twitter, where you can use a separate handle and make it a private account, so no one can see your tweets unless you approve their follow request


  • GaryVee’s $1.80 Instagram Strategy for growing your page has gained a ton of steam over the past few months. In addition to liking and commenting on the top posts under relevant hashtags, you can also engage with the comments for each post to create conversation and even more discoverability
  • Just be careful as you spend time engaging with so many posts. Instagram can temporarily ban you from liking or commenting if they think you’re a spam account. Don’t go too crazy with likes or comments in a small time period, and make sure to post consistently so they know you’re not a bot


  • LinkedIn Ads contain some of the most untapped potential in the digital world. Just think how many real business people are on LinkedIn, and how easy it is to network. We recently did our first LinkedIn Text Ad – where for very little spend we reached over 30,000 people! However, the amount of actual link clicks left a lot to be desired. We’ll continue to test out different ad formats and targeting groups to optimize for higher link clicks

If you enjoyed these Digital Marketing Tips, you’ll love our Digital Marketing Classroom where I get into as much detail as you want. Check back next month for more new tips. In the meantime, come join in the social media action with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You stay classy, marketing friends!