Digital Marketing Tips from Hippo Direct – February 2018

We’re back with our second installment of Digital Marketing Tips – the only place you can gain monthly social media growth inspiration while staring back at a friendly hippo! Here are the Digital Marketing Tips for February 2018:


  • The “Page Likes” objective does work – meaning it will get your page more likes – but it comes with a terrible cost per result. You can expect to pay at least $1 per new like, and they may not even be strong fits with your target market
  • When running a Split Test, occasionally you get a notification that says “incorrect split test settings” – even if you’ve got everything correct! Just another Facebook bug. Try fixing it by clicking “edit” on each ad and saving it again – it can reboot and work
  • Live Video & Facebook Stories are an effective way to get back into the News Feed without spending money. Don’t overlook these unique ways to get organic reach – which is hard to come by these days


  • Certain business-related hashtags have especially high engagement, with a number of active tweeters that frequent them. A couple of our top performers were #SEO and #BusinessGrowth
  • If you’re in a time crunch but want to knock out some quick social engagement, quickly scroll through real-time tweets and focus your attention on the blue check marks. Your verified pals are more likely to be reputable accounts with bigger followings, entailing a much higher likelihood your replies will be seen by more people and generate some buzz
  • Video replies make a real impact – just look how genuine power influencer Madalyn Sklar’s reply was to one of our tweets from the Hippo Direct account! Madalyn is speaking at Social Media Marketing World tomorrow (her dog also happens to have an awesome name)


  • Hashtags are widely known as the key to getting discovered on Instagram. Using locations will help your posts get seen by even more people. Take a little time to research the top locations, and see which ones are a good fit with your content
  • Out of any platform, Instagram has the highest amount of daily turnover in terms of followers. So many accounts follow you just to gain a follower back, then bail if you don’t reciprocate. This happens on Twitter as well but to a much lesser degree
  • Responding to comments on your own posts is way more impactful than just liking them. It shows visitors you’re active and establishes 2-way communication with your audience. Mix up your answers as opposed to just “thanks” every time
  • If new visitors are looking to engage with your feed, 90% of the time they’ll like and/or comment on your most recent post. You may be tempted to take a hiatus in order to improve the results on your recent post, however failing to post frequently will cause followers to lose interest in your account
  • On that note, lack of post frequency will hurt you on Instagram more than Twitter in terms of follower growth. Don’t go crazy posting all the time, but at least 2-3 times a week is a great cadence

All of the Above – and More

  • I’ve come up with a 1-hour strategy for social engagement I call the “30-20-10 Social Connection.” 30 minutes on Instagram, 20 minutes on Twitter, and 10 minutes on Facebook. Liking and commenting on posts, getting involved in the conversation, exploring top and relevant hashtags. The time amounts can be reshuffled depending on your social media priorities, but personally I’ve found the 30-20-10 weight gives you the best use of time to see organic results
  • Blog posts you can tie to time-relevant subjects are more appealing to readers. A couple of our best-performing blog posts so far this year had ties to Jeff Bezos/Nick Saban and the Philadelphia Eagles within days of their big headlines
  • “Learn More” is a very common call-to-action but doesn’t stir up much excitement. Be more specific when you have the opportunity, such as “Watch Video” or “See How It Works”

If you like these Digital Marketing Tips, you’ll love our Digital Marketing Classroom where I go into much much more detail. Check back next month for a whole new slate of tips. In the meantime, experience our real-time social media journey by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay social media-savvy, my friends!

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