Wonder what it’s like to work for Google? This week’s podcast guest travels the world for Google! Episode #10 of the Wild Business Growth podcast is OUT and features Google Global Strategy Lead and World’s Most Interesting Man Keith Weisberg! Presented by Hippo Direct. This episode was recorded at Google’s NYC office! Listen today on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and your other favorite audio platforms – subscribe and leave a 5-star review if Google’s made your life easier!

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Episode #10: Keith Weisberg – Global Strategy Lead at Google, World’s Most Interesting Man

Keith Weisberg, the Global Strategy Lead at Google and World’s Most Interesting Man, joins the show for this very special edition, recorded at the Google office in NYC. Keith and I are friends from college and he was kind enough to host at Google’s incredible office, fit with exotic foods, rooftop views, and nap pods. Keith is an incredibly smart and active dude, someone who’s always working to become a better and more productive person while having as much fun as possible. This episode covers everything from what it’s like traveling the world working for Google to his hobbies of breakdancing and motorcycle riding. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • How Keith got started at Google
  • The importance of observing consumer behavior in different countries
  • How to break out of your comfort zone
  • Ways to not waste people’s time
  • How to handle more daily emails and alerts than you can physically consume
  • When to switch to a new hobby
  • Why a successful brand opened a store where you can’t purchase anything
  • The importance of color choice in branding

Connect with Keith on Instagram at @TheRealKeithW, on LinkedIn, or at KeithWeisberg.org.

Enjoy the show and feel free to Google anything further! Check out the show notes below for much more detail.

Show Notes

  • Intro
    • [0:34] Google
    • [0:41] Keith website
    • [0:43] Keith & I went to college at Indiana University Bloomington
    • [0:51] Keith LinkedIn, Keith Instagram
    • [1:12] This was actually the 1st episode I ever recorded
    • [1:26] This podcast does not reflect the views of Google
    • [2:02] Googleplex
    • [2:26] Keith really did give me a Happy Birthday motorcycle shoutout back in college
    • [2:49] Keith’s background and bio
    • [3:11] His intern experience at Google
    • [3:47] What he focuses on in his current role
    • [4:12] DoubleClick for Publishers
    • [4:29] What it’s like working all over the world
    • [4:52] What advertising tells you about global psyche
    • [5:15] Differences in privacy between countries
    • [5:47] What Keith noticed in Korea
    • [5:55] iPhone
    • [6:00] What goes into the research aspect
    • [6:21] UX = User Experience
  • Unleashing Creativity
    • [7:34] Why creativity is an essential way to look at things
    • [7:45] Doing things the way they were vs. Being creative and fresh
    • [8:08] Why Keith blocks off his calendar for long periods of time
    • [8:29] What things he does to stay creative
    • [8:55] Why he surrounds himself with people doing very different things
    • [9:44] Stepping out of your comfort zone
    • [10:13] Time Keith stepped out of his comfort zone in Dublin, Ireland
    • [11:50] Why you will never be comfortable
    • [12:30] What he does to not waste people’s time
    • [12:50] Android
    • [13:04] Moment app
    • [13:35] Facebook, Instagram
  • Inspiration: People, Hobbies, and Resources
  • Wild Business Shoutout of the Week
  • Learning from Regrets
    • [26:18] Why he keeps a box of tissues at his desk (not just for blowing his nose)
    • [26:55] 1st big idea he passed on
    • [27:25] 2nd big idea he ultimately passed on
    • [27:44] LSAT, SAT
    • [28:01] Kaplan, Manhattan Prep, College Board
    • [28:39] Deciding whether to go all in or not
    • [28:48] Why they folded the company
    • [29:15] Why you can’t wake up everyday doing something you just like
    • [29:40] Whether Keith still actively searches for business ideas
    • [30:25] Silicon Valley
    • [30:34] Port Side
    • [31:15] Why Keith gets to be blunt
  • The Unusual: Phrases, Quirks, and Pet Peeves
    • [32:31] My Grandpa Fred’s classic saying
    • [33:00] One of Keith’s favorite quotes
    • [33:05] How he got his start breakdancing
    • [34:05] Why confidence matters in anything
    • [34:48] Keith is actually in great shape. No dad bod
    • [35:09] Hokey Pokey
    • [36:10] Monkey Flip
    • [36:16] Karate
    • [36:50] My breakdancing career ended when I was 5
    • [37:00] Keith’s biggest pet peeve
    • [37:50] He really had his annual physical the day of the recording
    • [37:52] Pneumonia
  • Rapid Fire Q&A

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