Public Health Departments MCH

11,218 Total Institutions $65.00/M
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Public Health Departments promote improved public health through a wide variety of functions that may include healthcare services for underserved populations, immunizations, health screenings, education programs for the public and healthcare professionals, mental health and substance abuse services, and the coordination of response to local health emergencies.

Public Health Departments
Total Institutions 11,218
Total Phone 11,215

Director of State Health Department/Institution_Address 57
Director of State Health Department/Email_Address 9
Health Services Director/Institution_Address 6,622
Health Services Director/Email_Address 2,398
Medical Director/Institution_Address 2,157
Medical Director/Email_Address 570
Nursing Services Director/Institution_Address 1,380
Nursing Services Director/Email_Address 527
Nutrition Director/Institution_Address 307
Nutrition Director/Email_Address 114

City 2,190
County 4,544
District 559
Native American 162
Regional 381
State 3,553

HIV/AIDS 2,477
Children Services & Treatment 3,879
Family Planning 2,286
Mental Health Services 6,461
Sexually Transmitted Disease 2,161
Tuberculosis 2,136
WIC 3,037

Types of Health Departments
Mental Health Department 6,200
State Health Department Administration Office 58

Type Of Degree
BSN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing 237
DO-Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 157
LPN-Licensed Practical Nurse 7
LVN-Licensed Vocational Nurse 1
MD-Medical Doctor 1,917
NP-Nurse Practitioner 11
PharmD-Doctor of Pharmacy 2
RN-Registered Nurse 1,040

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Public Health Departments
Types of Health Departments
Type Of Degree

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