Hospital Management Decision Makers OneKey

The largest and most complete list of U.S. hospitals and hospital staff. This mailing list contains hospital administrators by name, job title, hospital ownership/affiliation, number of beds and more. This is the hospitals and hospital systems database the database that began the SK&A tradition of highly accurate healthcare information.

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Choose from these Job Functions:
Administrative Assistant 9,572
Administrator 1,898
Buyer (Rx Drugs) 24
Chairman of Formulary Committee 807
Chairman of the Board 2,923
Chief Executive Officer 4,366
Chief Financial Officer 4,767
Chief Information Officer 3,086
Chief Medical Officer 1,678
Chief of Infectious Diseases 1,404
Chief of Medical Staff 5,076
Chief Operating Officer 2,703
Chief Privacy Officer 935
Chief Resident/Residency Progrm 466
Controller 1,533
Dir Materials Mgmt/Purchasing 4,234
Dir of Engineering/Maintenance 4,434
Dir of Managed Care Contracts 568
Dir of Maternal Health Programs 1,269
Dir Psych Partial Hospital Svs 147
Director Audio Visual/Media Svs 281
Director Central/Sterile Supply 716
Director Dialysis/Hemodialysis 800
Director ICU/Coronary Care Unit 2,297
Director Inservice Training/Ed 2,526
Director Internal Medicine Svs 2,597
Director of Admissions Services 2,469
Director of Ambulance Services 464
Director of Ancillary Services 439
Director of Anesthesiology Svs 3,090
Director of Bio-Med Engineering 972
Director of Blood Bank 464
Director of Business Development 1,000
Director of Cardiology Services 1,835
Director of Case Management 1,704
Director of Catheterization Lab 628
Director of Data Processing/MIS 1,019
Director of Dentistry 486
Director of Discharge Planning 314
Director of Emergency Room 5,801
Director of Endocrinology 272
Director of Environmental Svs 2,755
Director of Family Practice 1,481
Director of Food Services 4,460
Director of Foundation 1,437
Director of Gastroenterology 786
Director of Geriatric Programs 425
Director of Home Healthcare 1,113
Director of Hospice Services 293
Director of Hospitalist Service 948
Director of Human Resources 5,716
Director of Infection Control 3,519
Director of Laboratory Services 4,191
Director of Marketing Services 2,338
Director of Medical Records 917
Director of Medicare/Medicaid 210
Director of Neonatal Care 398
Director of Neurology Services 881
Director of OB/GYN Services 2,689
Director of Oncology Services 1,507
Director of Operating Room 1,840
Director of Orthopedic Surgery 1,337
Director of Outpatient Services 651
Director of Outreach Services 331
Director of Pastoral Care 1,953
Director of Pathology Services 3,085
Director of Patient Accounts 1,199
Director of Patient Education 431
Director of Patient Relations 1,113
Director of Pediatric Services 1,972
Director of Pharmacy Services 5,956
Director of Physical Therapy 4,536
Director of Planning 632
Director of Public Relations 1,469
Director of Quality Improvement 3,425
Director of Radiology Services 6,504
Director of Respiratory Therapy 3,908
Director of Risk Management 1,940
Director of Security Services 1,778
Director of Skilled Nursing Svs 529
Director of Social Services 2,037
Director of Substance Abuse 293
Director of Support Services 550
Director of Surgery Services 4,449
Director of Telecommunications 685
Director of Urology 554
Director of Utilization Review 958
Director Patient Care/Nursing 6,422
Director Patient Transportation 391
Director Physician Recruitment 1,038
Director Psychology/Psychiatry 2,506
Director Volunteers/Auxiliary 2,601
Formulary Committee Member 10
Health Information Management 4,485
Manager of Business Office 2,529
Manager of DRG Coding 238
Manager of Gift Shop 1,128
Medical Director 2,895
Medical Information Officer 836
Medical Librarian 836
Medical Staff Coordinator 4,543
Miscellaneous 32
Nurse Manager of Psych Unit 587
Nurse Recruiter 978
Patient Safety Officer 580
Point of Care Coordinator 51
President 1,355

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