Dentists in Group Practices CML

115,002 Total Dentists in Group Practices $90.00/M
41,179 Total Group Practice Locations $90.00/M
115,002 Total with Telephone Numbers + $15.00/M
48,947 Total with Email Addresses $325.00/M
25,657 Group Practices Office Manager + $50.00/M

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This highly responsive database is the most complete listing of Dentists in Group Medical Practices available. The file compiles every known office based dentist in America, complete with household and demographic information. The data is then reverified up to six times to ensure accuracy. This accuracy and depth of coverage make this file invaluable to healthcare marketers.

The ability to reach the right person with your targeted offer is an essential part of your mail campaign, and with the availability of specialty information – in addition to hundreds of other selects -for these dentists, you can be confident that your offer for specific products and services is targeted to the right person.

These Dentists are an excellent audience for Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminars, dental supplies and equipment, medical journals, recruitment, medical apparel, business and marketing services, and much more.

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Counts of Group Practice Dentists By Office Size
(Number of Dentists at Location)
Office Size Total
2 46,925
3 22,655
4 11,812
5 6,843
6 4,672
7 2,963
8 2,219
9 1,646
10 1,338
11+ 13,929
Total 115,002


Counts of Group Practice Dentists By Specialty
Dentist Specialties Total
Denturist 20
Endodontics 3,593
General Dentistry 87,185
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 70
Oral Surgery 7,589
Orthodontist 4,581
Pedodontist 5,009
Periodontics 3,699
Prosthodontics 1,447
Total 115,002


Counts of Group Dental Practices By Office Size
(Number of Dentists at Location)
Office Size Total
2 24,698
3 8,136
4 3,232
5 1,565
6 912
7 510
8 344
9 237
10 189
11+ 1,356
Total 41,179


Specialty $5.00/M
Office Size (# Dentists) $5.00/M
Gender $5.00/M
Phone Number $15.00/M
SCF/State/Zip $2.00/M
Office Manager By Name $50.00/M

CD ROM $25.00/F
EMAIL $25.00/F
P/S LABELS $8.00/M

3,000 names

American Dental Association ADA
Dental Students ADA
Dentists at the Beginning of their Career ADA
Early Career Dentists ADA
Mid Career Dentists ADA
Late Career Dentists ADA
Retired Dentists ADA
Dentists with Verified Email Addresses Mailing List