Mid Career Dentists ADA

56,487 ADA Dentists Who Have Been Practicing Dentistry 15-30 Years

$33/M Base Rate + $19/M ADA Royalty

Reach these dentists in the mainstream of their dental career. Every dentist on this list has been practicing dentistry between 15 to 30 years.

These middle career dentists from the American Dental Association are great prospects for the full range of dental products and services. These dentists are at the peak of their earning power, with thriving practices and staffs to support.

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General Practice Dentists 42,997
Oral Surgeons 2,369
Endodontists 2,010
Orthodontists 3,190
Pediatric Dentists 2,172
Periodontists 1,831
Prosthodontists 1,158

Type of Practice (Current Occupation)
Private Practice more than 30 hrs 48,153
Private Practice less than 30 hrs 3,226
Dental School Full Time Faculty 1,610
Armed Forces 755
Other Federal Services 473
State or Local Govt 150
Hospital Staff 99
Graduate Student/Resident 26
Part Time Faculty/Part Time Resident 1,122

Practice Ownership Type
Owner 37,645
Non Owner 12,263
Associate 4,838
Independent Contractor 1,372
Owner – Group Practice 66
Non owner – Group Practice 51
Associate – Group Practice 58

Primary Address Type
Office Address 37,259
Home Address 17,799

Male 36,405
Female 19,814

Type of Practice (Current Occupation)
Practice Ownership Type
Address Type

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