Web of Science Author Connect (Scientific Direct)

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Web of Science Author Connect, a customized list service from Thomson Reuters, offers names and postal addresses of leading researchers from around the world who are publishing in the top peer-reviewed journals in their fields.

The Thomson Reuters database contains the addresses of more than a million pre-qualified active researchers
publishing in about 14,000 top peer-reviewed scholarly journals. All e-mail addresses have been previously
contacted by Web of Science Author Connect. All procedures and elements are 100% compatible with
international data privacy and anti-spam regulations.

Journals Subject Areas (Partial list; this database has over 700 customizable profiles to help you target the individuals you want to reach)

Agricultural,Food & Veterinary Science 55,586
Agriculture,Biology & Environmental Sciences 94,292
Arts & Humanities 14,996
Biotechnology 72,153
Chemistry 82,119
Clinical Medicine 173,152
Economics,Social & Behavioral Sciences 56,654
Engineering & Technology 86,897
Engineering,Computing,Technology 117,843
Environmental Sciences 52,698
Life Sciences – BIOSIS 113,481
Life Sciences 198,769
Medicine 131,262
Pharmacology & Medicinal Chemistry 76,984
Physical Chemical & Earth Sciences 134,496
Physics 28,018
Social & Behavioral Sciences 74,324

Journal titles
Businesses vs. academic institutions
Country/geographic region
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Custom Model Creation $25.00/M

5,000 names