American Association of School Administrators AASA

8,609 Total Universe/Base Rate $125.00/M
7,427 Email Masterfile, U.S. $245.00/M

AASA has members in school districts across the country and about 150 superintendents in Canada. School administrators are the CEOs of the education industry and they have decision-making authority over establishing the budget, authorizing and approving purchases and determining the need for products and services.

Job Function $20.00/M
Superintendent/District Superintendent 4,778
Deputy/Associate/Assistant Superintendent 656
Principal/Assistant Principal 317
Executive Director-State/National 195

Email Delivery (postal names) $85.00/F
NCOA, if requested $125.00/F
Email Setup $100.00/F
Email Transmission $50.00/M
Email Host Images $100.00/F
Email Tracking report $25.00/F
Email suppression file $200.00/F

Job Function $20.00/M
State/SCF $11.00/M

5,000 names