Restaurants and Bars Which Received PPP Loans of $ 150K+

Use this mailing list to reach the American restaurants and bars which are best prepared for survival and growth. With the anticipation of PPP loan forgiveness, most of these companies and their leadership teams will likely have extra money to spend.

The list can also be used with your CRM system to identify and code those customers and prospects which deserve extra marketing communications attention from you.

To buy this business mailing list of PPP Loan Recipients from Hippo Direct contact Andy Mills via email at or via phone at 855-447-7653 x701

Select by Industry Type using NAICS codes
For detailed counts of available eating and drinking establishments by each NAICS code send note to Andy Mills at

Data Options:
A. Company name and mailing address

The list will be sent to you as an Excel file with the following data:
* Company name and mailing address
* Size range of PPP loan
* Number of jobs retained because of the PPP loan
* Date which PPP loan was approved

For postal mailings you will need to use a title address line such as Attn: President or Attn: Marketing Manager.

B. Company name and mailing address, plus Contact Name

C. Company name and mailing address, plus Contact Name and Phone Number

Usage Terms: One-time or unlimited annual use available

Pricing: Check with Andy for pricing based upon your desired data and usage options

Minimum Order: 5000 names

Turnaround Time: Within 1-2 business days of your order and payment