American Statistical Association ASA

16,295 Total Universe/Base Rate $135.00/M
9,775 Active US Members + $15.00/M

World’s largest community of statisticians, ASA members work in industry, government and academia in job function ranging from biopharmaceutical to risk analysis to survey research methods or health policy statistics.

Occupation/Area of Interest $16.00/M
Bayesian Statistical Science 1,072
Biometrics 1,280
Biopharmaceutical 1,167
Business or Economic Statistics 666
Government Statistics 287
Health Policy Statistics 475
Joint Government/Social Statistics 219
Joint Statistical Computing 816
Nonparametric Statistics 413
Quality, Productivity 207
Risk Analysis 565
Social Statistics 376
Statistical Computing 785
Statistical Consulting 1,132
Statistical Education 715
Statistical Graphics 395
Statistical Learning & Data Mining 933
Statistical Programming & Analysis 689
Statistics in Defense & Natl Security 209
Statistics in Epidemiology 977
Statistics in Marketing 473
Statistics in Sports 423
Survey Research Methods 859
Teaching Statistics in Health Sciences 480

Journal Subscriptions $16.00/M
AMSTAT News 9,730
CIS Web Access & Personal License 9,507
Significance Magazine 9,664
JASA (Jrnl of ASA) 1,020
JABES (Jrnl of Agri/Bio Stats) 9,660
JBES (Jrnl Bus & Econ Stats) 281
JCGS (Jrnl Computational & Graph Stats) 353
TAS (The Amer Statistician) 1,313

Postal list sent via email $85.00/F
NCOA (If Requested) $125.00/F

Occupation/Area of Interest $16.00/M
Journal Subscriptions $16.00/M
Geo $11.00/M

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