American Management Association AMA

72,623 Total Universe/Base Rate $120.00/M
25,505 12 Month Attendees/Buyers/Referring Managers $120.00/M

Reach top-level managers, leaders and professionals who come to AMA each year to enhance core skills and to stay on top of evolving trends. Since 1923, the AMA has provided management and business training to governmental agencies, small to medium sized companies. AMA offers over 170 training seminars in 19 subject areas.

Email Delivery of Postal $50.00/F
KEYING $2.50/M

3 Month Hotline $10.00/M
6 Month Hotline $5.00/M
Business Address
Employee Size $6.00/M
Gender $6.00/M
Industry $11.00/M
Job Function $11.00/M
Job Title $11.00/M
Max Per Company $6.00/M
Recency $11.00/M
Geo $10.00/M
SIC Code $11.00/M
Seminars/Training Program $11.00/M
Title $11.00/M

5,000 names