Special Libraries Association SLA

11,785 Total Universe/Base Rate $165.00/M
6,624 Active Members + $16.00/M
2,661 Non-US + $25.00/M
3,090 Conference Attendees, postal $695.00/F
1,799 Conference Attendees, email $2,195.00/F

SLA is an international association for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners. Dedicated to promoting the leadership role of special librarians, SLA is a nonprofit organization that strengthens its members through learning, advocacy and networking initiatives.

Division/Chapter Affiliations $20.00/M
Advertising & Marketing (DAM) 68
Biomedical & Life Sciences (DBIO) 813
Business & Finance (DBF) 1,977
Chemistry (DCHE) 287
Competitive Intelligence (DCI) 662
Education (DEDU) 171
Engineering (DENG) 375
Environmental & Resource Management (DERM) 176
Food,Agriculture & Nutrition (DFAN) 144
Geography (DGI) 395
Information Technology (DITE) 1,962
Insurance & Employee Benefits (DIEB) 96
Knowledge Management (DKM) 656
Legal (DLEG) 1,138
Library Management (DLMD) 872
Military Librarians (DMIL) 333
Museums,Arts & Humanities (DMAH) 798
News (DNWS) 231
Petroleum & Energy Resources (DPER) 132
Pharmaceutical & Health Tech. (DPHT) 517
Physics,Astronomy,Math (DPAM) 197
Science-Technology (DST) 345
Social Science (DSOC) 564
Solo Librarians (DSOL) 461
Transportation (DTRN) 134


Postal list sent via email $85.00/F
NCOA (If Requested) $125.00/F
Email Transmission $50.00/M
Email Host Images $100.00/F
Email Setup $100.00/F
Email suppression file $200.00/F
Email Tracking report $25.00/F
Rush fee, postal list $50.00/F
Rush fee, email channel $100.00/F

Division/Chapter Affiliations $20.00/M
State/ZIP/SCF $11.00/M
Non-US by country $25.00/M

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