Consumer Reports Money Advisor

150,625 Total Universe/Base Rate $125.00/M
8,515 30 Day H/L Subscribers $140.00/M
12,871 60 Day H/L Subscribers $135.00/M
17,153 90 Day H/L Subscribers $135.00/M
36,167 6 Month Hotline Subs $130.00/M
150,625 Active US Subscribers $125.00/M
1,618 30 Day Expires $90.00/M
Fundraiser Rate $75.00/M

Published by Consumers Union, an independent, nonprofit testing and information organization.

Consumer Reports Money Adviser contains no outside advertising and does not sell endorsements. Use of the Consumer Reports Money Adviser list in no way endorses a mailer’s products or services. Since 1936, CU’s mission has been to test products, inform the public and protect consumers.

Gender $8.00/M
Paid $11.00/M
Change of Address $15.00/M
Geo $8.00/M
Renewals $13.00/M
Source $11.00/M
New to File $11.00/M

Postal list via email delivery $50.00/F

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