National League of Cities NLC

50,431 Total Universe/Base Rate $190.00/M
26,874 Active members + $30.00/M
12,574 Chief Decision Makers + $30.00/M

The National League of Cities (NLC) was established in 1924 and serves as the oldest, largest and most representative organization of municipal governments in the US. NLC’s national membership of local governments and state municipal leagues include more than 1,700 cities and towns and 49 state municipal leagues as direct members and, through the state league network, more than 18,000 municipalities indirectly.

City Official By Title/Function $20.00/M
Chief Elected Officials 2,243
City Administrative 14,598
City Finance 3,665
City Economic Development 2,163
Energy, Environment & Natural Resources 1,016
Government Relations 8,909
Human Development 1,007
Infastructure/Transportation 9,085
Public Safety 5,506

Specialty $20.00/M
City Administrator/Assistant to City Manager
City Clerk
City Manager
City Secretary
Deputy City Clerk
Deputy City Manager
Human Resources Director
Information Technology Director
Personnel Director
Town Administrator
Town Clerk
Town Manager
City Treasurer
Finance Director
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Director
Council Members
Council Presidents
Village Trustee
Employment Services
Human Services
City Engineers
Park & Recreation Directors
Planning Directors

NCOA, if requested $125.00/F
Delivery via email $85.00/F

City Official By Title/Function $20.00/M
Population Size $20.00/M
Specialty $20.00/M
Phone Number $30.00/M
Geo $11.00/M

4,000 names