ENR Engineering News-Record

158,044 Total Universe/Base Rate $150.00/M
64,827 Active US Subscribers $150.00/M
2,251 Canadian Subscribers $550.00/F
3,051 International Subscribers $295.00/M
68,282 Email Addresses* $300.00/M
9,309 Subscribers with Phones + $60.00/M
Postal & Telemarketing $350.00/M

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Job Function/Title $15.00/M
Owner Partner Principal 54,725
Manager Department Head Office 4,681
Superintendent 7,205
Maintenance Foreman or Head 170
Chief Engineer or Lead Engineer 8,750
Architect 7,396

Business/Industry Type $15.00/M
Construction 57,874
Manufacturing 3,924
Educational Services 12,754
Architectural/Engineering 33,768
Government 33,598
Other 5,292

Email Delivery $65.00/F

Job Function/Title $15.00/M
Business/Industry Type $15.00/M
Business Address $15.00/M
Country $15.00/M
Gender $15.00/M
Home Address $15.00/M
One Name Per Site $15.00/M
Geo $11.00/M
Transmission Fee $95.00/M

5000 names