Sleep Review Magazine Mailing List and Email List

Sleep Review Magazine: The Journal for Sleep Specialists serves physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals whose patients have sleep disorders. The magazine provides clinical, regulatory, and management expertise about all aspects of sleep medicine.

30,977 Subscribers $120/M
27,368 Telemarketing + $65/M
18,959 Email Addresses $210/M + $ 120/M transmit + $ 150/F set up

Occupation $20.00/M
Sleep Physician 2,201
Sleep Director/Manager 3,280
Pulmonologist 1,748
Neurologist 5,125
Reg Polysomnographic Tech 1,873
Sleep Technician 855
Respiratory Care Practitioner 1,265
RRT/CRT 2,301
President/CEO/Owner/VP 354
Administrator/Lab Director/Mgr 112
Dentist (DDS/DMD) 6,402
Sleep Educator 347
Home Care Sleep Provider 280
Clinical/Sleep Lab Coordinator 380

Type of Facility $15.00/M (Available for portion of list)
Hospital/Acute Care 4,503
Home Care/Postacute 835
Private Practice 2,950
Physician’s Office 952
Teaching Institution 529
AASM Sleep Disorders Center 2,494
Sleep Laboratory 1,649

Occupation $20/M
Type of Facility $15/M
Geo $15/M
Phones $65/M

Email Delivery of Postal List $100/F

5,000 names