Dentists Email List Professional Demographic Selects

Dentist’s Primary Specialty:
General Practitioner
Oral Surgeon
Pediatric Dentist
Oral Pathologist
Public Health
OM Radiologists
Dental Anesthesiology

Dentist’s Additional Procedures Performed:
Cosmetic Dentistry
Implant Dentistry
Sleep Dentistry

Dentist’s Practice Type:
Full Time Practice (more than 30 Hour Weeks)
Part Time Practice (less than 30 Hour Weeks)
Dental School “Full-Time” Faculty
Part Time Faculty/Part Time Practice
Armed Forces
Other Federal Services
State or Local Government
Hospital Staff
Dental Student/Resident
Other Non-Dental Student
Other Health/Dental Org Staff
Not in Practice, Seeking Employment
No Longer in Practice
Other Occupation

Dentist’s Practice Ownership Status:
Non-Owner (Associate/Independent Contractor)

Dentist’s Practice Phone Number

Number of Dentists in the Dental Practice

Dentist’s Geographic Location (State/Zip)

Dentist’s Year Graduated From Dental School

Dentist’s Dental School Attended

Dentist’s Gender

Dentist’s Ethnicity

Dentist is Known Direct Mail Responder:
From at least one company
From two or more companies

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