Dentists at Email Address 4x Verified

115,249 Dentists at Email Address

Your message can be sent to this high-quality dentists email list for less than 4 cents per name.

To reserve your transmit date – or for current list counts and pricing – contact Mindy Branstetter via email at or via phone at 855-447-7653 x704

This email list of dentists is selectable by:
* State/SCF/DMA
* Age
* Gender

Additional ways to improve your marketing results (inquire for details and pricing):
* Split Tests – send different messages to different parts of the list
* Personalization – insert recipient’s name into message copy or subject line
* Matching Postal List – get a postal list of all dentists to whom you send email message, or just those who open or click on link in the message

Re: List Quality

The list owner has a team whose sole focus is on sourcing and confirming records in their email database. This process, which is repeated each month, results in email addresses which have been Quadruple-Verified:

  1. All email records are first scrubbed against their internal blacklist that is made up of opt-outs, complainers, bounces, known bot lists, and shared blacklists from other mailers.
  2. All records that pass their internal blacklist are sent to a third-party email list cleaning service. This vendor is a leader in data cleaning for bot and spam trap detection.
  3. All records that pass this list cleaning stage are then sent to an additional data cleaning-validation company where all emails are scrubbed using a different methodology to detect deliverability.
  4. The list owner then sends test emailings to every new email address on the list. Any records with a hard bounce are removed. Soft bounces are retried. If soft bounces continue to bounce three times, they are removed from the database. Any emails not passing this part of the process are added to list owner’s blacklist.