Medical Labs and Dental Labs CML


29,099 Total Universe/Base Rate $75.00/M
29,099 Total with Telephone Numbers + $15.00/M
5,326 Total with Fax Numbers + $75.00/M
16,080 Total Medical Labs + $5.00/M
13,019 Total Dental Labs + $5.00/M

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This is the most complete database of medical and dental laboratories on the market. This file reaches nearly 30,000 companies with over 24,000 top contacts available. These companies do medical testing on behalf of patients and medical practices as well as the production of dental restoration items. The file is selectable by industry.

These companies are excellent prospects for information regarding new and improved medical products, newsletters, seminars, financial offers, business and marketing services and much more.

See why we are the source for medical & dental labs.

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Company Type $5.00/M
Medical Laboratories 11,008
Testing Laboratories 1,914
Bacteriological Laboratory 22
Biological Laboratory 252
Blood Analysis Laboratory 259
Pathological Laboratory 795
Urinalysis Laboratory 32
Neurological Laboratory 111
Ultrasound Laboratory 488
X-Ray Laboratory, Including Dental 1,199
Dental Laboratories 11,284
Artificial Teeth Production 198
Crown And Bridge Production 618
Denture Production 346
Orthodontic Appliance Production 573

CD ROM $25.00/F
EMAIL $25.00/F
P/S LABELS $8.00/M

City $2.00/M
Company Type $5.00/M
COUNTY $2.00/M
Fax Number $75.00/M
Number of Employees $5.00/M
Sales Volume $5.00/M
SCF $2.00/M
STATE $2.00/M
Year Founded $5.00/M
ZIP $2.00/M


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