Council for Advancement and Support of Education

60,000 CASE Postal Masterfile, US & Intl $150/M
49,605 CASE Postal, U.S. $150/M
59,974 CASE Opt-in E-mail Masterfile, US & Intl $350/M

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education is a professional association serving educational institutions and the advancement professionals who work on their behalf in alumni relations, communications, development, marketing, and allied areas. CASE helps its members build stronger relationships with their alumni and donors, raise funds for campus projects, produce recruitment materials, market their institutions to prospective students, diversify the profession, and foster public support of education.

CASE maintains headquarters in Washington, D.C., with offices in London and Singapore. CASE is one of the world’s largest nonprofit educational associations in terms of institutional membership, which includes nearly 3,400 colleges and universities, primary and secondary independent and international schools, and nonprofit organizations in 59 countries.


Membership Category Postal, U.S.
4-Year University/College (4YR) 40,080
2-Year University/College (2YR) 1,869
Independent School (SCH) 6,138
International School (INT) 128
Non-Profit Organization (NPO) 49,524
Public K-12 Institutions (PUB) 20,291
Private Institutions (PRI) 29,314

Member Status Postal, U.S.
Professional Member (DES) 16,337
General Member (MSTAF/MCUST) 33,255
Membership Coordinator (Coord flag) 2,703

Gender Postal, U.S.
Male 17,147
Female 29,137

Title/Reporting Level Postal, U.S.
President/Chancellor/Head (PH) 1,192
Vice President/Vice Chancellor (VP) 2,507
Associate/ Assistant Vice President (AP)1,292
Executive Director (ED) 1,426
Director/ Manager (DM) 4,767
Associate/ Assistant Director (AD) 1,563
Associate/ Assistant Dean (AN) 271
Dean (DE) 411
Other (OTHER) 1,881

Specific Titles Postal, U.S.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2,670
Chief/Senior-Most Advancement Officer (CAO) 1,353

Ethnicity Postal, U.S.
American Indian and Alaska Native (NA) 25
Asian (AS) 116
Black or African American (AA) 297
Hispanic or Latino (LC) 166
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (NH) 18
White/Caucasian (CA) 6,645
Multi-racial (MR) 104

Primary Area of Responsibility Postal, U.S.
Advancement Services (PAR_AS) 983
Alumni Relations (PAR_AR) 1,233
Communications & Marketing (PAR_COMM) 1,885
Development (PAR_FR) 3,408
Overall Advancement Management 961

Advancement Services/ Development Postal, U.S.
Affiliated Foundation (IRF) 882
Alumni/Donor Records (DREC) 2,008
Annual Giving (ANN) 2,604
Athletic Fund Raising (AFR) 766
Campaigns (CAMP) 3,003
Corporate Matching Gifts (MG) 1,121
Corporations/Foundations (CORP) 1,627
Database Management (DBM) 1,642
Development Writing (DW) 2,177
Direct Mail/Phonathons (DIR) 1,563
Endowment/ Investment Management (END) 1,025
Gift Accounting/Processing/Reporting (GIF) 1,352
International Fund Raising (IFR) 577
Major/Ultimate Gifts (MAJ) 2,524
Management Reporting Standards (MRS) 1,195
Online Fund Raising (OFR) 1,520
Parent Programs (PAR) 1,053
Planned Giving (PG) 1,770
Prospect Research (PROS) 1,826
Solicitations (SOL) 2,422
Stewardship/Donor Relations (STEW) 3,025

Overall Mgmt of Advt Svcs (OVS) 1,394

Communications & Marketing Postal, U.S.
Advertising (ADS) 1,230
Community/External Relations (CREL) 1,899
Crisis Communications (CRIS) 987
Editing (EDIT) 1,687
Electronic Media (ELEC) 1,813
Government Relations (GR) 477
Graphic Design (DES) 1,277
Internal Communications (INTER) 1,563
Legislative Advocacy (LEG) 337
Marketing Research/Survey (MRES) 1,097
Media Relations (MEDIA) 1,388
News Writing (NW) 1,244
Publications/Periodicals (PUBS) 1,977
Public Relations/Strategic Management (PRS) 1,702
Special Events (SPE) 1,724
Student Recruitment (SR) 838
Web Development/Technology (WEB) 1,624
Overall Mgmt of Comm/Mktg (OVC) 1,035

Alumni Relations Postal, U.S.
Affinity Programs/Merchandising (MER) 786
Alumni Associations (ALU) 1,590
Awards/Recognitions (RECOG) 1,205
Board Relations (ABD) 1,491
Constituency Relations (CON) 1,440
Career Networking (CP) 1,052
Clubs/Chapters/Branches (CLUB) 998
Community Service (CSERV) 646
Continuing Education (AED) 546
Homecomings/Reunions (HOME) 1,534
International Alumni Programs (IAP) 471
Legislative Advocacy (LEG) 201
Membership (MEM)
Online Programs (OP) 1,017
Parent Programs (PP) 694
Reunions/Special Events (REUN) 1,812
Student Alumni Programs (SAA) 1,161
Travel Programs (TRAV) 574
Volunteer Management/Relations (VMR) 1,248
Young Alumni Programs (YGAL) 1,374

Overall Mgmt of Alumni Relations Office (OVA) 717

Overall Management of Advancement Postal, U.S.
Benchmarking (BEN) 1,317
Budget Management (BUD) 1,088
Diversity (DIV) 558
Financial Management (FM) 799
Campus Relations (CR) 948
Staff Management (SM) 1,344
Strategic Planning (SP) 1,705
Volunteer Management (VOL) 1,081

State, SCF, or ZIP $10/M
By Membership Category $15/M
Title/Reporting Level $15/M
By District $15/M
By Experience Level $15/M
By Ethnicity $15/M
By Primary Area/Interest$15/m
Key Code $5/M
Nth select no charge

Delivery Format:
Fulfill by E-mail $80 flat
NCOA, if requested $95 flat
Pressure-Sensitive Labels $35/M

For E-mails deployed to Masterfile:
+$100 per setup
+$100 testing fee after 3 tests
+$200 suppression list
+$100 personalization

Minimum order: 2,500 names
List rental for one-time use only
Sample mailing piece required
48 hours turn around time once sample is approved by list owner