Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine delivers distinctive content for the independent thinkers, builders, and leaders who are driving the growth of business across the country. It serves as the primary source of business owners seeking to grow and expand their businesses as well as professionals seeking to become entrepreneurs.

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Logistics Management Magazine

Direct your marketing message to the largest audience of individuals responsible for buying/specifying logistics products and services with a list from Logistics Management

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MIT Sloan Management Review

Published by MIT Sloan School of Management. For 45 years, MIT Sloan Management Review provides senior managers with the latest innovations in management theory and practice.

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Harvard Business Review HBR

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW is written and edited for decision makers worldwide - key business people who require the in-depth managerial insight that HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW provides.

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Chief Executive Magazine

Published bimonthly, Chief Executive magazine provides information and insights to CEOs seeking to build more effective organizations. CEOs are the ultimate decision-makers and Chief Executive is the ultimate connection to them. Founded in 1977, Chief Executive is the only brand 100% focused on the information needs of CEOs.

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American Management Association AMA

Reach top-level managers, leaders and professionals who come to AMA each year to enhance core skills and to stay on top of evolving trends. Since 1923, the AMA has provided management and business training to governmental agencies, small to medium sized companies. AMA offers over 170 training seminars in 19 subject areas.

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