American Institute Of Architects

40,904 Active Members $135.00/M
27,908 Registered Architects + $16.00/M

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS members are innovators, opinion leaders, and key decision makers with enormous spending power who are often responsible for selecting a wide range of building products and materials that shape and enhance our lives.

Area Of Prof Interest $16.00/M
Architecture for Health 3,014
Architecture for Education (CAE) 3,709
Construction Contract Administration 386
Corporate Architects and Facility 2,415
Management (CAFM)
Custom Residential Architects (CRAN) 670
Design (COD) 4,789
Design for Aging (DFA) 1,320
Diversity (DIVC) 384
Emerging Professionals – Young 1,452
Architects Forum (YAF)
Environment/Sustainability (COTE) 4,320
Historic Preservation (HRC) 2,809
Interior Architecture (IAC) 2,558
International (INTL) 899
Justice Architecture (AAJ) 771
Leadership Education (CLE) 270
Practice Management (PM) 4,700
Project Delivery – Design Build (PD) 4,414
Public Architects (PA) 1,519
Regional and Urban Design (RUDC) 2,748
Residential Knowledge Community – 4,337
(Housing and Custom Residential (HKC)
Retail and Entertainment (REC) 830
Small Firm (SFRT) 399
Small Project Practitioners (SPP) 3,883
Technology in Practice (TAP) 4,834
Technical Design for Building 3,945
Performance (TBDBPKC)

77% MALE

One Per Address $16.00/M
Area Of Prof Interest $16.00/M
Member Type $16.00/M
Gender/Sex $11.00/M
SCF $11.00/M
State $11.00/M
Zip $11.00/M
Format $50.00/F

EMAIL $50.00/F
Modem/FTP/BBS (flat fee) $50.00/F
Diskette (flat fee) $35.00/F
Business Address $16.00/M
Home Address $16.00/M
Zip Tape (flat fee) $30.00/F