Corporate Headquarters
Mailing Address:
Hippo Direct
3442 Pointe Creek Court #201
Bonita Springs FL 34134 USA

Greg Branstetter
Phone: 855-447-7653 x700
Fax: 855-272-1492

Mindy Branstetter
VP Direct Mail Marketing
Phone: 855-447-7653 x704
Fax: 855-272-1492

Andy Mills
VP Email Marketing
Phone: 855-447-7653 x701
Fax: 855-272-1492

Max Branstetter
Digital Marketing Manager
Phone: 855-447-7653 x702
Fax: 855-272-1492

JoAnn Branstetter
Phone: 855-447-7653 x703
Fax: 855-272-1492

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“Excellent. You made the list order process go very smoothly — many thanks!”
Curt G.
Lake Zurich IL
“You are a gem. The detailed list counts you ran by state are great!”
Lynne L.
Boston MA
“Thank you for the list status report which summarizes all the details of our mailing campaign. I had forgotten how good and helpful this type of info is. You always take the extra step, and it is very much appreciated.”
Ginny K.
Philadelphia PA
“Thanks for doing such a good job in providing lists for us. Your staff is doing a wonderful job.”
Bob G.
Galesburg IL
“Fantastic job on the data matching project!”
E. White
Chicago IL
“Thank you for handling the invoicing question so quickly. Hippo Direct is such a wonderful company to work with. I value my relationship with each and every one there.”
Bill W.
Bronxville NY
“Thanks so much for finding the telephone number appending source and for going the extra mile with this project.”
Jennifer R.
Belmont MA