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List Ordering Made Easy

Because of our relationships with list owners and managers, we are able to simplify the list procurement process for our clients. We can reduce the friction involved with list orders, and often get special treatment for our clients.

Another benefit Hippo Direct clients receive is free, comprehensive list research and recommendations. We have the same research capabilities and subscribe to the same list information services as the largest list brokerage companies. And we dig deeper to get you access to hard-to-find association membership lists.

Clients Receive Free Marketing Consulting

One of the great things about the mailing list industry is that it costs the mailer (you) nothing to use the services of a list broker such as Hippo Direct. The commission which we earn from each order is paid by the list owner. Your cost to use a list is the same whether you order directly from the list’s owner or let us handle the entire process. Which means that when you use a list broker’s services, it’s like adding a consultant to your marketing staff at no charge!

Still Not Sure Why To Use A List Broker?

Consider these words of wisdom from DMA Hall of Fame members:

  • As one of the core principles in his book Secrets of Successful Direct Mail, Richard Benson said “Lists are the most important ingredient to the success of a promotional mailing.”
  • Edward Mayer said that direct mail success depends 40% on the lists used, 40% on your offer, and 20% on everything else.

As it has been for the past 50 years, getting the best advice on which lists to use remains the quickest way to consistently improve your marketing results.

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