nicheCRAFT Custom Built Lists

Custom Built ListsSometimes the best list for a postal or email campaign doesn’t exist. That’s when we use our database consulting wizardry to create the perfect list to reach your target customers.

  • Find missing contact and demographic information from multiple sources and research services.
  • Combine data from multiple lists to create one enhanced database for your postal mailings and telemarketing.

  • Create, clean, and verify email address lists for your emarketing campaigns. We can also take care of email transmits for you to insure the highest delivery and open rates.

  • Reach your customers with ads on Social Media services such as Facebook; and/or create profile of prospective customers which mirror yours to reach via Facebook ads.

  • Clean your data with as we correct the records on your customer and prospect lists which have:
    • inconsistent formatting
    • reversed name and address elements
    • missing and inaccurate mailing address and zip codes

  • Improve the accuracy and usefulness of your data as we:
    • split your full customer names into component parts of Prefix, First, Middle, Last, Suffix
    • isolate and reorganize your non-US records into usable addresses
    • identify and/or eliminate duplicate records

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