Welcome to the first ever Hippo Digest!
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Weekly Recap of Creative Marketing
June 20, 2018 - Issue #1
Hippo Direct
Welcome to the first ever Hippo Digest!

This is your Weekly Recap of Creative Marketing! We'll do our best to make you laugh, cry, give a standing ovation, and much more through our curated list of creative marketing moments from the week.

If you made it this far, we'll know we're really cooking. Each Hippo Digest issue will be broken down into two parts:
  1. All new content from Hippo Direct - under the same roof so you don't ever have to search "Hippo Direct" on MySpace

  2. Our favorite creative marketing moments from around the web. Anything from major marketing camBaigns to a very important analysis of hangry people
We'll also give you brief updates from time-to-time on anything newsworthy from Hippo R&D. Just so happens we launched our new website last week!!! The new site reflects our new marketing services and updated branding. Give it a spin here and let us know what you think! For a rundown of the new marketing services, check out last week's blog post.

What else happened in the Hippo Direct World last week? Hippo Direct - New Website
  • We're up to our 34th Hippo Tip - creative one-ish liners to inspire you as a marketer and business person. You'll have to let us know who GIF-ed it better

  • Sometimes you have to honor the World Cup while poking fun at those teams who don't make it, even if it hits close to home

  • The Hippo Magician was back at it, this time revealing the spectacular new website!! Watch out David Blaine

What happened in the creative marketing world last week? Hippo Direct
  • You can now basically advertise in parts of Snapchat that Snapchat didn't even know existed (VentureBeat)

  • Twitter's stock is at a 3-year high, which naturally inspired several tweets about the matter (Recode)

  • Microsoft sees Amazon's cashierless stores, naturally wants some of that (Reuters)

  • Random Fun of the Week: Smile! And then disagree with how many types of smiles there are (Mosaic)

We're always looking to make you happy (in as non-creepy a way as possible). Please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see included in future issues of the Hippo Digest. Your feedback is our apple pie. And if you're feeling friendly, make sure to connect with our social accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn so you can get real-time marketing tips and hippo fun.

Thank you for Digesting, Hippo Pod! Until next week,

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