Dental Hygienists with Verified Email Addresses AD

US Dental Hygienists at email address = 88,756

Available selects: State (state counts on pages 2 and 3)

Rate: $ 120 per thousand names ($ 120/M)

Price includes transmission of email list by the list’s owner, plus campaign tracking report. No additional charge for use of suppression file or hosting of images.

Minimum order = 10,000 names

Surcharges which may apply depending upon the campaign:
* A/B split = $150 flat rate ($150/F) set up for each additional test message. (2 test segments = $ 150/F set up fee; 3 test segments = $ 300/F set up fee, etc.)
* Personalization of message = $ 200/F set up

Hippo Direct clients can send a repeat emailing at half-price to those who open the initial emailing. Cost for follow-up emailing is just $ 60/M. Repeat emailings must be scheduled at time of the original email list order.

Cancellations: Any order cancelled after test messages have been sent will incur a charge of $ 15/M or $ 250, whichever is greater.

About the list source:
Email lists are compiled from a variety of public and private directories, publications, in-house market research, and website partners. All names are double opt-in certified and phone-verified. Opt-outs and undeliverable addresses are removed continuously, with new email addresses added monthly.

Hippo Direct works only with the most reputable email list owners. Our email list providers comply with all CAN-SPAM guidelines and follow the best practices for maintaining excellent list hygiene.